Bambinas Best Bambinas Best It’s been awhile

It’s been awhile

Hi All

Sorry it’s been awhile since I posted.  I have still been making sweaters and doing my thing, but have had a few health struggles of late and seem to run out of hours in a day before I get to posting here.

We had received an upgrade to our website which crashed the store portion of it, so you may encounter difficulties with the store if you are trying to purchase something, so if you would like to purchase anything you see on the site, or order a custom made sweater for your little sweetheart or sweethearts, please send me an email to and we can have a chat about it and I can get some ideas from you to create the sweater of your dreams!

I can’t think of more perfect weather for your darling to be draped in a Bambina’s Best sweater.  As the old song says, “The weather outside is frightful!”.  We moved out to Vancouver Island from Ontario 8 years ago to get away from snow and ice and frigid temps, and it seems that they have finally relocated us!!  We have a layer of snow and ice on all our vehicles and the poor dogs think they are going to freeze on the spot if they go outside to pee!  Help keep your little one warm with a luxury, custom knit, natural fibre sweater that will toast him up and garner a ton of compliments!

I also wanted to let you all know about the great fun that I had making and donating 28 doggie sweaters to a terrific little dog rescue down in Nebraska.  This lady takes in last chance toy dogs who usually come straight from horrific puppy mill and abuse situations.  The weather was getting very cold down there, and she put out a request to her email list to see if anyone had any small dog sweaters that they were willing to part with, because she had just received a large number of small Chihuahuas and MinPins that were freezing in the sub-arctic climate!  Never one to pass up a challenge, Bambina’s Best got busy.  We sorted through inventory and pulled some sweaters that were especially warm, and I also made an additional dozen or so.  They got their box of 28 Bambina’s Best sweaters by mail on Monday November 14th and were ecstatic with them!  So the “chilly chis” of Nebraska are chilly no more!  It feels so good to help out like that!

At the moment, I’m hard at work creating a “girly girl” sweater for a lovely young PitBull lady named Angel who loves to wear sweaters, and her Mom has trouble finding pretty sweaters in her size!  As I always say, no order is too big or too small!  I’ve even made a few ferret sweaters and hidey hammocks and tunnels in recent months!

Okay, I have to run, I have several little waggy tailed creatures giving me the evil eye and telling me to get off the computer and take them out into the tundra for their morning “bizness meeting”.  LOL

Until I post again, stay warm everyone!  Drop me a line when you can!  I can’t wait to hear from you!

Noselicks and tailwags and many, many hugs







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