Bambinas Best Bambinas Best Hat’s Off to my Web Guru!

Hat’s Off to my Web Guru!

I’m SO excited now! Bruce has managed to fix the bug that was preventing multiple images, so all the sweaters and accessories are posted and ready to go!

I already have my first custom order for a championship sweater for a little showgirl to parade around the ring in every time she wins something, and he plans to order more, AND feature me on his website. I’ll be sure to let you know when that happens!

Within literally 1/2 an hour of putting my items up on Etsy, I received a notice from a lovely lady named Ellen letting me know that she has featured my sweater “IceFruit Sorbet” on her blog

Wow things are happening fast! And we’re not even “officially” open yet!

Everything is ready to go though, so if you see something you like, it’s now available for purchase. No need to wait for August 1!!!

Have a great evening!


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