Bambinas Best Bambinas Best Moving right along!

Moving right along!

This has been a busy and productive week – it was my first week back to work after my 2 week vacation, I completed my first Custom Order for the shop and shipped it out, and I just found out this morning that Bambina’s Best is going to be featured on a blog from the UK! I will be sure to post the link when that happens! I was also invited to the New York Pet Fashion Week already! It’s not in the cards this year – but hopefully I will be in a position to attend next year. So, we are making steady progress in getting our name and brand out there – these are very exciting times indeed.

There has been a note of sadness in the last week however – our 18 year old rescue gal Chloe crossed the bridge last Friday night. She had been thrown away by her family at 12 years old, and came to live with us – we were told initially that she was a senior Chihuahua, but when she arrived, we quickly discovered that there was not an iota of Chihuahua in her – she was about 25 to 30 lbs and resembled a small black Lab puppy. Still, she needed a home, and we had one to offer, so she lived out her remaining days here with us. She was a very quiet unassuming girl who just wanted to give love and receive it in return. In the end she was blind and deaf, her bones were aching, and her clock was winding down. It was time, and now she’s happy and healthy and running with her friends on the Other Side. RIP Chloe, my little ChihuahuaWannabe!

Have a great week everyone!


RIP Chloe Gray - 1992 - 2010

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